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Slot Types: Video Slot Machines

The first slot machine was the renowned Liberty Bell invented in 1895. Further improvement and development of the original model resulted in the introduction of the most advanced modern slots - video slot machines.

How video slots work

Even though modern video slot machines may seem to have reels, these reels are actually virtual, or graphically simulated. In reality the work of video slots is controlled by the computer chips installed in each machine when it is being manufactured. The program that makes video slot machines work is called the slots Random Number Generator.

The Random Number Generator (RNG) decides when the virtual reels of the video slot machine should stop. The very moment you push the "Spin Reels" button, the RNG determines what combination of symbols will come out when the reels stop. For this the RNG constantly generates thousands of numbers that correspond to the certain symbols on the slot machine's reels. To define the winning combination, the RNG selects the first random number that comes out when the player spins the reels.

All this makes video slot machines the game of mere chance. It is crucial that the player understands that even though he or she may occasionally win in a short period of time, over time the casino always wins more.

Video slot machines variety

Today video slot machines introduce a great number of varieties and extra favorable features together with the advanced computer graphics which makes video slots resemble modern computer games.

  • Video slots with five or more reels and multiple paylines offer increased number of possible winning combinations on each slot machine payline, especially as each reel of the modern video slot machines may accommodate from 20 to over 100 symbols.
  • Special extra bonus games and features like "wild" or "scatter" symbols add to the overall profitability of video slot games.

All this means that modern video slot machines offer higher frequency for hitting the winning combinations and higher payout percentages. But the higher the frequency for payouts the lower the value of the winning combinations is. In fact, with multi-payline video slots combinations of symbols that pay higher will come out once or twice for each reel, while lower paying symbols will be hit more frequently.

That's why the players are encouraged to play multiple lines, which increases the chances to hit the winning combination, even though you have to bet more coins. To be able to hit the highest jackpot the player is required to bet maximum credits on the maximum paylines available on the machine.

Special bonus games also allow the players to increase their payouts. Even when on the losing streak, one may able to refund his or her losses by playing the bonus game.