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Advanced Slots Strategies: Standard Deviation Strategy

Apart from the basic slots strategies, the player may use advanced strategies to increase his or her odds for winning. One of the possible advanced strategies for playing slot machine games is the Standard Deviation strategy. Standard deviation is seen as the mathematical equation that, when applied to playing slots, helps determine the best odds for hitting a winning symbol combination. To define standard deviation, one may either use a very complex formula, or make some rather simple calculations, as described below.

Here you can get acquainted with the main steps for applying the Standard Deviation strategy:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to search for a slot machine offering "Equal-Ratio" payout. This is what we observe in the Multiplier straight slots offering payouts that increase with the number of coins you bet. For example, you may bet one coin and get a 10 coins payout for a combination of three identical symbols. In case you bet 5 coins for the same combination, you would get the payout of 50 coins.

  2. The next step of applying Standard Deviation strategy is to define the usual number of spins between hitting the winning combinations for the chosen machine. For this the player should continually bet minimum amount of coins to define and take note of how many spins he or she makes before he or she hits the winning combination. After each next win the cycle should be repeated - in general about 10 cycles should be made in order to calculate the standard deviation.

    For example, if the player makes eight spins and the ninth spin results in hitting the winning combination, the player should put down "9".

  3. Standard deviation is calculated when the player has made approximately 10 wins and is basically the average for all numbers the player has put down. For example, it may happen that the player hits winning combination every 10 to 20 spins. Then the standard deviation for this machine will make 15. The player will then know that to increase the slot machines odds he or she should make 14 continuous bets with minimum coins and make the maximum bet on the 15th spin.

Of course, the Standard deviation strategy doesn't work every time you apply it. Nevertheless, using this strategy may help you to increase your chances to win maximum credits. One of the recommendations on how to win at slots is to apply the Standard Deviation strategy while playing slots offering the highest payout percentages.