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Casino Players: Stories of Success

When everyone first enters a casino, they are usually in a pretty good frame of mind. The thought they could walk out with a big score can be exhilarating and definitely give you self-esteem and erstwhile boost. The truth, however, is this doesn’t happen so very often. Most people leave the casino as a loser as all the games are mathematically designed with a house edge. But every rule there normally has an exception and this hold true for casino players as well.

Here are several success stories:

Gonzalo Garcia-Pelayo

A native of Spain, he was passionately devoted to roulette and was really the first player that exploited the wheel basis in the 90’s. He began by continuously watching a particular wheel spinning over and over, then analyzed his results by computer. Pelayo even got his five kids in on the action to help him keep better tabs on the wheels and his money by betting “hot numbers.” He went throughout Spain’s casino’s practicing his art before transferring his form to the United States. He earned more than $1.5 million and was sued by Spain for how he achieved his fortune. The Supreme court eventually ruled in his favor.

Dominic LoRiggio

Also known as “The Dominator” and “The Man With The Golden Arm”, Loriggio learned “controlled shooting” with years of practice where you start receiving the appropriate rolls you need to win at the right time. The technique involves placing the dice in a particular way and tossing them so they remain together while in the air then land on the back wall of the craps table. He started up a team called “The Rosebud” and they set upon taking the Vegas strip by absolute storm. Loriggio felt it was possible to control the dice merely by this physics trick.

Frank Scoblete

Coined as an authority on casino games by the Washington Post, Scoblete did join forces with Lorrigio, but also authored numerous books both under his name and as King Scobe about gaming. He has even appeared on various documentaries and television shows over the years and is considered to be one of the top gaming minds in the business. A former high school teacher, Scoblete has even sponsored a world craps tournament that drew more than 166 players. He is a very high profile guest speaker and contributor for newspaper throughout the nation on gaming.