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Choosing Slot Machines Strategies

Before starting to play slots, on should think over appropriate slot machines strategies or check out the cleopatra tutorials that might help him or her be a success at slots and make some profit.

Basic slots strategies

Basic slots strategies are basically the most important recommendations on how to play slots and be successful. Here is the list of basic slot machines strategies one should follow to be successful at slots:

  1. Try to bet maximum bets on maximum paylines of the slot machine you have chosen to play. This might help you to qualify for the highest jackpot. Otherwise, even if you hit the combination needed for the jackpot, you will not be eligible to get it.
  2. Choose the machines with the highest possible payout percentages. For this you should consult the slot payouts tables on each machine's front (or the different screen of the video slot machine).
  3. Be careful while playing bonus slot games. Most video slots offer a wide range of extra bonus games or bonus "wild" symbols. Even though they might seem attractive, they are in fact rather unpredictable. The intervals between hitting the winning combinations may be quite long, and there is always a chance that the machine will not hit for a very long time.
  4. Prefer playing slot machines with a single payline. These may be cheaper and even though the payouts will be lower, you are still eligible for the highest jackpot.
  5. Always apply an efficient slots money management system. You should always set your bankroll before playing slots, and it is better to divide it into equal parts for different sessions than use the money you may win to make every next spin.

Advanced slots strategies

Some players may choose to apply some more advanced slot machines strategies for winning slots. These are the Standard Deviation strategy and One Play strategy.

  • The Standard Deviation strategy makes use of a mathematical equation to define the most probable moments of winning slots. To apply it, the player should first find the machine offering "Equal Ratio" payouts. This means that the payouts for the slot machine are increased as the player increases the amount of coins for the bet. For example, one might bet one coin for the winning combination of three identical symbols and win 10 coins. The payout will make 30 coins in case the player chooses to bet three coins for the same combination.

    The player then starts to play and notes down the number of spins between each moment of hitting the winning combination. About 10 cycles are needed to define the standard deviation, which is actually the average for all numbers of the spins the player has put down. For example, if the player wins once in every 10 to 20 spins, the standard deviation for this given machine will be 15.

  • The One Play strategy is also applied to the "Equal Ratio" machines. The player is supposed to make one more spin every time he or she is paid out from 1 to 3 times the original bet. In case the payout makes 4 times the bet, the player should make 3 more spins. The player then defines the machines that work with this strategy and crosses out the ones that don't work.

It is important to remember that using slot machines strategies can't guarantee you win at slots as every outcome is defined by the Random Number Generator and is irrespective of any previous results.