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Calculating the Payouts for Straight Slots

Straight slot machines pay out for all combinations of symbols that are represented on the slot machine's payouts table. This way all combinations are fixed for each machine. As far as straight machines aren't connected with other slots, all jackpots are unique for every given machine. Every jackpot remains unchanged as it is preset in the slot payouts table. Payout tables for straight slots are available on the front of the machines or, in case with video slots, on the different screen made visible by pushing the button or pressing the touchscreen.

Even though straight slots offer lower prize money compared to that in the progressive slots, the chances of winning while playing this type of slots is actually higher. Payouts for different combinations on the paylines depend on the certain type of straight slots.

There are four basic types of straight slots offering different conditions for payouts.

  • With Multiplier slots the amount of payouts depends on the actual number of coins you insert in the slot. Your actual payout is multiplied by the number of coins you bet for each spin. For example, in case you bet a single coin on the winning combination of three lemons, you might get 10 coins in return. At the same time, the betting amount of two coins would multiply your payout and you would get 20 coins for the same winning combination.
  • Bonus Multiplier slots feature additional bonuses in case you bet maximum coins. The payouts here depend on the number of coins you insert, just like in simple Multiplier slots, but in fact you may get greater payout if you bet more. For example, you may get the same payout of 20 coins if you bet two on the winning combination of three lemons, but in case you bet three coins (let's assume it is the maximum bet for this combination) you will get a multiplied payout of 50 coins.
  • Most modern video slot machines offer multiple paylines for the players to bet. Multi-Payline straight slots make use of the opportunity to bet on multiple lines. If you play this type of straight slots, you are actually able to increase your payout by betting on as many lines as you want (and as your bankroll allows). What you should remember though is that a certain amount of bets is needed to activate more paylines. For example, you may bet on a single slot machine payline and hit the winning combination. But if this combination is placed on the payline that is not active, you will get nothing.
  • Buy-a-pay straight slots offer payout only for the combinations the player "buys". For example, one may bet a coin and hit the winning combination that "costs" two or three coins. In such case the player wins nothing.

To get the highest payouts while playing slots it is crucial to read the payout table attentively and to choose machines offering the most favorable conditions, like the machines with the highest payouts for the lowest possible winning combinations.