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Things to Do in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a great city with many things to see and do. One of the most popular things that every Las Vegas visitor should do is walking along the Strip checking out the great variety of casinos. Even if you are not going to gamble, taking a walk is great thing to do and enjoy. All casinos that you will meet in Las Vegas are totally different. In some of them you will find greater number of attractions designed especially for tourist while others seem to be genuine casinos.

Venetian casino is one of the places which you should visit. This casino has a model of the Italian city of Venice and you will find gondoliers and many people strolling around in the antique costumes. Even if you are not gambler you will find this casino attractive, as setting used at this casino make you feel that you visit Italy, not the USA.

Bellagio casino is where you can find the best Las Vegas sports wagering tables as well as the nearby Paris with its exuberant and beautiful casino floor. If you are planning to have a Las Vegas gambling experience, always remember that the slot machines here have the worst odds and it is better for you to choose other games, such as blackjack and baccarat. If you travel to Las Vegas with your family, visiting casinos might not be a great idea because the establishments do not allow children. But you can stay at the hotel which has a casino floor, to have a possibility to make a few bets at Gambling Mecca.

Non-Gambling Places

In casinos are not for you try some other non-wagering offers in LA. For instance, horseback riding is a great thing that entire family can enjoy. Just saddle up, jump on a horse and enjoy trail rides to the hills surrounding Las Vegas. Kids will also be grateful to you for taking them to Cirque du Soleil or simply the water show. You can also go for hiking. Las Vegas has numerous trains especially at the nearby Valley of Fire State Park and Red Rock Canyon. The Hoover Dam is a place where people of different ages can visit and enjoy what the monumental dam has to offer.

If you like candies, don’t fail to visit Ethel M Chocolate Factory and get to sample some of the best candies in US. Animal lovers visiting Las Vegas has a lot to do and many places to visit as well. The Dolphin Habitat and Secret Garden is a great place to visit and see the white lions and white tigers relaxing near the garden’s dolphin pool.

The Shark Reef in Mandalay Bays is one of the accredited aquariums in Las Vegas where you can find all the water creatures and kinds of fishes you have ever heard about. The Lion Habitat in MGM Grand is a great place to see lions kept behind glass and there are so many free things you can do here. Las Vegas is among the hottest tourist destinations in US. No matter what you do while in Las Vegas, don’t leave this place without enjoying at least one casino game.