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Basic Slots Strategies

Basic slots strategies actually correspond to the main recommendations on how to win at slots. Here you can get acquainted with the basic strategies following which you may be a success at slots.

  1. Always try to play the maximum. It is recommended to play maximum bets on maximum paylines of the slot machine and with the maximum amount of coins. This may provide the highest jackpot. Otherwise just imagine how frustrating it may be to hit the winning combination needed for the highest jackpot in a game and be unable to get the payout because you haven't played the maximum!

  2. Choose machines with the highest payouts. The players should always remember to consult the slot payouts tables for each machine and find the ones offering the most favorable conditions. Payout percentages for different slot machine usually vary from about 70% to 98%. These percentages define how much you can actually win from a machine. You should search for the machines with the highest payout percentages most carefully, even if it takes much time. When you finally find the machine with the most favorable payout conditions, you will be rewarded for all the pains you have taken.

  3. Be careful while playing bonus slots. Most modern video slot machines offer a great variety of special bonus features. You can find Bonus multiplier slots, Multi-payline slots, extra bonus rounds, special bonus "wild" or "scatter" symbols etc. These games might seem rather favorable and attractive, but in fact may be quite unpredictable. You may actually waste the whole of your bankroll waiting till you get the bonus as the intervals between winning streaks may be quite long. Nevertheless, while playing bonus games you may be able to refund your losses and even get paid many times your original bet.

  4. Better play slots with a single payline. Depending on the size of your bankroll, you should choose between games featuring multiple paylines or the ones with a single slot machine payline. Even though you get lower payouts while playing single-line slots, you are still eligible for the highest jackpot which will cost you less in this case. Besides, you won't lose the whole of your set bankroll in just several spins, which is quite possible with the multi-payline slot machines where you are required to bet on the maximum amount of lines to get the jackpot.

  5. You should make use of the efficient slots money management system. Most guides will recommend that you should set your bankroll beforehand and don't go beyond its limits. It is also good to divide your bankroll into equal parts for different game sessions and not to use the money you have won for further spins. This way you might be able to save some part of your overall bankroll and to quit the game with at least some winnings in your pocket.