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Advanced Slots Strategies: One Play Strategy

Another advanced strategy the player may choose while playing slots is the One Play strategy. It is seen by most players as both simple and productive. Just as with the Standard Deviation strategy, One Play strategy is only applicable with the slot machines offering "Equal Ratio" payout. To apply this strategy, one should make maximum bets in the games with the highest jackpots.

Here are the main steps for applying the One Play strategy:

  • When the player has found the slot machine with the "Equal ratio" payout, he or she starts playing. If the winning combination is hit in any single play that pays out at 1 to 3 times the original bet size, the player should make yet one more play. For example, if you bet $1 and get the payout from $1 to $3, you should continue with yet one more play.
  • If any single play comes up with the payment making more than four times the player's bet, one should make yet three more spins. For instance, if you bet a dollar and get $4, you should continue with the strategy.

In case the amounts of the slots payouts are different or the player loses, he or she should stop playing at once. One should note down the slot machines that allow applying the One Play strategy and cross out the ones that don't.

Tips for applying the One Play strategy

Of course, this strategy will not work every time you apply it and with any slot machine. There may be whole periods when slot machines just don't hit the winning combinations for a long time or, vice versa, make continuous hits. It is possible that you may spend a lot of time at a slot machine without ever winning.

One should keep in mind that using the One Play strategy will not increase your chances of winning the highest jackpots, like the Standard Deviation strategy. Instead it may provide you with some steady payouts.

Before choosing any advanced strategy for playing slots, one should understand that no strategy actually guarantees that he or she should win. In fact, how slots work depends on the work of the slots Random Number Generator (the RNG). The RNG defines the outcomes of each spin by selecting hundreds and even thousands of random numbers every millisecond. The use of the RNG means that the chances of hitting the winning combination and of losing are actually equal. Slots are a game of chance in the first place, and every spin of the reels is an independent trial irrespective of any past or future games.