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Slot Payouts Table

The slot payouts table (pay schedule or pay chart) is seen as the list of possible payouts showing the amount of coins the player wins for each winning combination of symbols that may come out on the payline and with a particular number of the coins the player has bet on the particular combination. Slot payouts tables are available on the particular slot machine's face or on the different screen of the modern video slot machines.

Payout tables for reel slot and video slot machines

Slot payouts tables on the original three-reel slot machines were available on the face of the machine, online roulette echtgeld, usually above and below the reels, and represented the possible winning combinations. Reading the table representing a single payline took very little time. With the introduction of the modern video and online slots everything had changed:

  • Slot payout tables for video slot machines are available on a different screen that appears on pushing the special button or pressing the touchscreen.
  • Modern slots may have up to 50 paylines and the player can bet on maximum lines.
  • Winning paylines may be represented vertically, horizontally, diagonally or in zigzags.
  • The reels may offer scatter ("wild" or bonus) symbols that are paid out even if they are not present on the payline and can count for other symbols of the slot payouts table.
  • Due to the complexity of the slot payouts tables, most video slots offer special "Help" screens to specify certain issues like the number of coins to bet on different paylines or specific symbols that trigger up bonus games.

The winning symbol combinations are usually placed directly under the paylines. Slot machine payline is a line crossing symbols or combinations of symbols on each reel that bring the payout if the player has bet on that particular combination. At least two similar symbols in a row make the combination winning in case the first symbol stands first on the first reel. Otherwise the combination brings no payout.

The basic recommendation on how to win at slots is study the slot payouts tables attentively and choose machines with the best possible payouts. Our basic slots guide recommends choosing the slot machine offering the highest payouts for the lowest or medium winning combinations. These are actually the combinations that will hit more frequently, and although you won't get the highest jackpot, you are very likely to make good profit winning less money but more often.

Playing slots can become really frustrating if the player doesn't pay attention to the slot payouts table as it represents rules and conditions for the particular slot machine and ruleta europeană. With sometimes over-complicated today's slots introducing wide range of "wild" symbols and extra bonus games it is crucial to read the slot payout tables carefully before you insert your money into the slot.