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Modern Monopoly

We all remember sitting around to play monopoly with family and friends. Choosing your playing piece from the assortment of tiny silver icons kicked off the fun, and it developed into buying your favourite addresses as dad (always the banker) presided over the game with one eye on the rulebook!

Modern families often struggle to find the time to sit as a family and play board games, with busy schedules to blame. Often spare time is precious, and the last hour of the day is the only time that people feel they have to relax and unwind. Usually the kids are in bed and there’s little time for a full board game. Often there’s simply no one to play it with!

For many years playing games like solitaire on a PC or chatting in a forum has filled the void for people looking for a quick fix of late night entertainment, but now Monopoly is making a comeback in the world of online gaming thanks to Paddy Power Games! Their advanced gaming site enables visitors to play a monopoly slots game in successions of quick rounds, whilst taking advantage of the online chat rooms and winning real cash!

Playing slots is easy. Simply click spin and see where the symbols land! The beautiful graphics and seamless gameplay really refresh the traditional images of monopoly.

Each symbol represents a square on the board, with the well-known ‘Pass Go’ and ‘Community Chest’ becoming bonus rounds to increase the chances of a win. It is easy to keep track of winnings with totals and bets clearly displayed at the bottom of the screen. Each spin can be the last so it is also easy to decide when to stop playing and call it a night, perfect for those having a quick game in their last half an hour before bed!

Most people remember playing with their favourite piece every time and that continues with a choice of the silver figures available at the start of every game. Why not choose your old favourite and see if it’s still lucky? Another bonus is that with a gaming super power like Paddy Power Games involved, you can be sure that this time the banker isn’t cheating!